Writing 101, Day Four: the Serial Killer


Wintry Touch

Her smirk always excites as she invites my touch. My hand flows over her body, barely allowing her skin to be felt by my tempted hands. Our playful nature often leads to hazardous teasing but we never fully indulge. But this day, December the 4th, I long to fully emmerse myself in her love and growing desire. She sits atop me wanting to lower herself but fights the pull my heart and soul shout. I know I have made a promise but my spirit knows that this woman, my Button Nose, will be at my side for all time. She knows of the promise and respects it. So, when my hands grip her shoulders and we bond, she gasps. Her eyes bulge with bright anticipation, and she exclaims. In her ear I whisper, “I love you.” My caress eases her anxieties and her eyes close, absorbing my auroma of passion and lust.

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