Writing 101, Day Two: A Room with a View (Or Just a View)


                I gaze skyward longing for “home” as if this small blue world, this planet with a sheltered species, was not my own. Home is a strange word with unlimited potential meaning.

                Where is “home” for anyone? Is it a room or a city? Could they find “home” within their own mind, their imaginative psyche? Is it a world light years away, undiscovered wild and majestic? Maybe that is where I would go: the blue world with the twin morning stars, back to my “home” and namesake.

                I would soar high above the cerulean jungle foliage, breathing deep the crisp emerald seawater aromas that cover most of the tranquil orb. I would dive deep into the chilly caverns where nameless and soundless beasts roam unhindered. I would sit atop a cliff and stare out into the heavens, longing for adventure, truth, and Purpose.

                That is what I would do: return “home” before my legacy of cosmic travel begins. I would pass the sister planet, Beta Centauri of the Centaurus constellation, smiling and wishing all upon her well.


                To be anywhere my heart desires would be an extraordinary gift Creation could not allow…I would be everywhere.


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