Writing 101, Day Seven: Give and Take


“Stacy, I think its blue, like cobalt blue.”

“Are you serious Monika? It is obviously cerulean blue. Do you ever pay attention in class?”

“Sorry, not all of us can be advant artists!” Monika mocked with a strange accent. “So yeah, it is cerulean, whatever! It’s beautiful. Not like that ugly little thing you were looking at.”

“Hey! Mine is beautiful,” Stacy defended. “Just because you do not like the color green, does not mean it is ugly.”

“Not just green, but jungle-green! Jungle-green with ebony stripes, that means it is hideous,” Monika protested.

“Well, mine moves faster. So ha!” Stacy folded her arms as a matter of fact.

“Speed has nothing to do with how cute something is. Neither does strength, size, or cool attributes. Yours is ugly jungle-green with ebony stripes. It makes it look ill or even evil. I bet it is slimy. Slimy and gross and just…eww”

“Stop being mean Monika. She can hear you.”

“SHE?” Monika gasped. “That is a she? Oh man, that is even worse. That poor little thing.”

“Stop it Monika. She is gentle sweet and fast. Mine is way better than yours!”

“No way Stacy!. Mine is the same color as the ocean, which means it is awesome and beautiful. He blends in well with the surrounding waters, which means he is safe from predators.” Monika points at her fish, “look at how long and sleek he is. He is a great swimmer and evades sharks and fish nets with ease. Yours can’t.”

“Whatever. Mine is super fast. But in case she can’t swim away, she has barbs that pop-up and stings enemies, which have been known to kill sharks and even big orcas. And the color allows her to hide in coral reefs.”

“Hmph. She is still ugly!”

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