Writing 101, Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice


Music is in my heart and soul but no songs resonating from a radio or stereo has been profound to my life. In my psyche I live in a musical, randomly dancing and singing during the day, lifting my spirits and of those around me. Often I have a song that plays in my head, one with a relaxing and unique melody, sometimes with lyrics poured from my heart. Needless to say, no one can sing or dance along.

This is not to say that I do not occassionally find favor in the music of the modern era. I have enjoyed many different songs that ‘musicians’ have produced and released, most times because the background instrumental and beats are catchy, aligning to my dancing drive. When these particular songs fill the air my shoulders rise and fall, my head slides left and right, and my feet uncontrollably tap along. ‘I get into the grove!’

Other times the inspiring lyrics of songs, like that of “I Can Only Imagine” and “Mercy Came Running”, rejuvenate my faith or shame me into the shadows because of foolish shortcomings. I would not say that any of them have held a huge impact on my life. But in complete honesty I should say that I have not recognized their affect upon my journey, or I refuse to acknowledge their presence on my decisions.

Music is an art form that is abused for greed and attention, and then ferociously spread via social media, television, and radio. The music my mind orchestrates is of beauty, chaos, wonderment, and pain. It is precious to me and only on special occassions do I share it with the world. Rarely influenced by songs of pop-stars, rock musicians, hip-hop artists, or vocalists, I have my own kind of melody that resonates from my heart and soul.

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