Comic Script 1, NeoHuman – The Champion Has Arrived



Panel One – establishing shot, wide

city view horizon (old commercial skyscrapers and apartment complexes), city transit rail, front of train

excerpt: Edge City, Keldon Heights Burroughs, 09:15 a.m.

Panel Two – mimic of first, pan right horizon, bulk of train

Panel 3 – mimic of second, pan farthest right, end of train


Panel 4 – medium shot, vertical

city transit rail platform, crowded. foreground: mysterious figure in trench coat haphazardly standing on edge

Panel 5 – distance shot, vertical

pedestrian train approaching station, from distance

Panel 6 – medium shot, vertical

figure in trench coat jumps unto tracks. crowd run away as train barrels down on figure


Panel 7 – medium shot, full page

figure, trench coat removed, standing on tracks and bracing for impact; sinister grin on face

armored crimson tinted skin, covered in spikes


Panel 8 – closeup

frightened conductor

Panel 9 – closeup

hand jerking at brakes

Panel 10 – closeup

brakes initiated, sparks flying

Panel 11 – closeup

sinister grin, drool

Panel 12 – medium shot, vertical

passengers on train react to emergency brake application

Panel 13 – distance shot, wide

figure stopping train with brute strength, extended cars jumping track from immediate stop (maybe have cars breaking frame, help with feel of chaos)


Panel 14 establishing shot, half page

train cars litter area, some bodies thrown from cars. part of platform destroyed

Panel 15 – medium shot, vertical

figure in front of train door; non-passenger car, military insignia displayed

Panel 16 – closeup

fist punches through armored door

Panel 17 – closeup

figure steps unto guard hand that was reaching for weapon

Panel 18 – medium shot, vertical

military guards’ bodies mangled by compartment items due to crash


Panel 19 – medium shot

figure grabs hold of metallic canister

Panel 20 – medium shot

mimic of previous,but figure dragging to exit

Panel 21 – distance shot

large military van pulls up to wreckage

Panel 22 –

canister tossed into vehicle, masked allies sit waiting

Panel 23 – medium shot

figure jumps in after canister, closing door behind

Panel 24 – distance shot

vehicle drives off from scene, sirens blaring in background


Panel 25 – establishing shot

crash site, police and forensics searching debris

excerpt: 15 minutes later

detective Linn “ridiculous! some super-fool derails a train delivering military cargo, and the military are a no show!”

Panel 26 – medium shot

detective Juarez, picking up military paperwork from derailed train compartment “what do you expect, this is Edge City. Even the national government doesn’t care what happens to our residents.”

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