Comic Script 2, Driqon Series: Know Your Heritage


– PAGE 1

panel 1 – establishing shot, wide: training mat, jungle background. master Golis stands before twins with arms behind his back. serious but somber expression “we are Bautonians, a once peaceful species, now no longer with a home world. and, we are universal victims of the Driqon Slayers, forced to find refuge on this massive blue world.”

panel 2 – closeup shot, wide: twins’ faces, puzzled expressions twin 2 “master Golis, why are you telling us this now?”

panel 3 – medium shot, vertical: master Gosli turns away, dropping head “we never know when our time has come, and it would be a shame if you two were not aware of your proud heritage.”

panel 4 – cut panel: mosaic on floor, master Gosli gestures it “the two of you outgrew these confined training grounds ages ago. but i bring you back because of this mosaic.”

– PAGE 2

panel 5 – half panel, mosaic detail excerpt: the images on this mosaic represent our people and their struggle against powerful monsters that destroyed our civilization so long ago.

panel 6 – half panel, aerial view: master Gosli circling mosaic excerpt: i want the two of you to memorize the faces of our peoples’ ultimate enemy. one day, they may return.

– PAGE 3

panel 7 – medium shot: master Gosli places hand on each of the twins “my students, promise me that you will never forget your heritage” twins “we promise”

panel 8 – closeup: please expression on master Gosli face “you are good boys.”

panel 9 – closeup: sneaky, almost devilish, grin. “now…”

panel 10 – medium shot, action space wide: master Gosli attacks the twins “…let us continue training then”

panel 11 – medium shot, small box/diagonal cross section: twin 1 slumped over and breathing heavily/twin 2 laying on mat and breathing deeply excerpt: 2 hours later

panel 12 – repeat of previous, except closeup: twin 1 “man, he really pushed us hard today”/twin 2 “i know, i feel like an old man”

panel 13 – closeup, action space: master Gosli with tired but determined expression “…funny, we’re just getting started!”

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