Writing 101, Day Thirteen: Serial Killers II


As an adolescent I made a vow to maintain ignorance of experience. As a young adult I allowed myself to be fooled into releasing what I had cherished. Now I sometimes sit in the wanderment of shoulda, coulda, woulda.
There are days that I wish I had been modest and fervently devoted to my ancient promise, and in that I would be youthful, energetic, and unspoiled for the woman I have been lucky enough to finally find. After years of seeking the best compliment to my persona, drive, and dreams, I have found her closest to home.
We have known one another most our lives yet never knew each other at all. I have heard her voice and seen her smile for years but never experienced them from my heart.
Now, each day that I take in a breath I must remember I take one, in unison with her. And often she is on mind, giving cause to random grins.

This lovely Pisces has floated into my life when I needed a friend the most. But instead of providing fleeting joy to mask depression, she has touched my soul and won a place there for always. She is the jelly to my peanutbutter. The conductor to my life’s orchestra. I am forging into the future full of bliss and hope, as we share our journey with one another. She is mine and I am hers to love hold and cherish.

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