Writing 101, Day Fourteen: To Whom It May Concern


Dear Persian and Indian Mughals,

Do you think it fair or proper to be honored with creating a pigment when you were seeking a means to create gold from other elements? True, we as artists and constructural engineers are indebted to your accidental discoveries, but it was birthed from greed. Should we be grateful for these coincidental consequences of seeking unearned wealth and power? Or, should we remain moral and turn away from discovery rooted in ill-deeds and desires?

I find it strange that your cultures’ histories are littered with conquest, violence, and consumption of the world that was freely given to mortals, yet also provides some of the most inspiring pieces of art and architecture known to existence. It is a wonder how from free will springs destructive chaos, as well as, captivating artwork.

Are you proud of your contributions to the progression of mortal society? Do you wish they knew not of your true aim when you discovered the pigment minium? What discoveries have your alchemists kept concelaed in the hopes your cultures alone knew them? And what other elements were your alchemists seeking to generate when they discovered the other dyes the modern era takes for granted?

I am a curious being and am always seeking truth behind the bedlam that is civilized growth.
Please, some day, respond and let me know what the alchemists of your histories were truly attempting to achieve when they heated, macerated, precipitated, filtered, and shook raw ingredients that fell into their hands. What did they uncover about the universe and all our Purpose?

Thank you
– the Cosmic Chronicler

(“ROY-G-BIV” by Jude Stewart)


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