Writing 101, Day Fifteen: Your Voice Will Find You


How can they do this to me? It’s like they know I finally have the finances and time to actually attend, but don’t want me to have the experience. What the hell is up with that?

I mean, this is worldwide and forever. How many fans are flipping out, preparing to go kamakazie on the funders? Wait! Is funder a word? That’s not important right now. These idiots have me so upset I can’t think straight. Is that politically correct? Hmmm…they have have me confused and I cannot keep my thoughts uniform. That sounds good.

Oh man, why is this happening? Why are they forever canceling the Comic-Con, is all I want to know. Millions upon millions of furious nerds, geeks, and weirdos cannot be good. And yes, of course I can call us that, because I am a full pledged member to the empire of Geekdom.

I finally have the money to go, and the awesome ideas for different costumes to wear. All for nought. Hell, I was going to wear costumes of my own characters hoping to spark interest and inquiries for my work. EPIPHANY!!! This is why they are finito with Comic-Con: they know I am ready to blaze the trail through the comic industry.

These elitist owners want to continue recycling the same stories and heroes because it is safe and comfortable, and more importantly, fans allow it. But as soon as they sense someone who will challenge their work and stories (needless to say, sales and profits too), they close-up shop on the fans’ favorite event: Comic-Con.

Do they not know I will not be silenced? Do they not realize that the comic industry was merely the first step of my world-changing entrepreneurship? Do they really think it will be so easy to end my beginning reign?

Hmmm, why do I sound like a mad scientist? Whatever! So, they want to end Comic-Con? I don’t care. No biggie. These are no tears in my eyes, the wind is strong is all. And no, it doesn’t matter that I am at my cubicle. I see the trees respond to the strong gusts so my eyes water some. It’s ecological sympathy.

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