Writing 101, Day Twelve: (Virtual) Dark Clouds on the Horizon


The sun was out shining bright on a pleasant Sunday evening as I joined my muse and her family in celebration of her father.
My muse looked at me smiling, and I don’t know why. I smiled back, helplessly. A moment later everything changed.
With a piece of vegan french toast being placed into my mouth, ambient conversation waning into my subconscious as I indulge in the splendid taste, I was thrown under the bus! “So dad, we’re getting married!”

The words fell upon me like a boulder. I have no arguments because it is true and I love the idea, but I was ill prepared to tell her father.
My eyes rose to see a once gratifying smile diminishing. Her father’s eyes pierced my soul, traveled to the bowels of hell, and then back, bringing with their strength brimstone and fire.
I rarely exaggerate.

“What do you mean you getting married?” he demanded.

“Well, not now or soon or anything like that,” she defended. “But that is the plan.”

“What for?” he demanded, “you too young.”

My muses’ mother attempted to smooth it over as I nervously laughed not realizing I was still actually awake, by saying “she is thirty and maybe wants children.”
Thanks for that one future mother-in-law.

Her father blurted, “children? You so young. What you want to get married for?”
Looking down at her hand, “where the ring? You can’t marry without ring.”

“We’re still looking for the right one because she didn’t like the first one,” I drag my muse under the bus with me. He only stares at me.
The entire atmosphere morphed from laughter, stories, and jokes to awkward and unnerving silence.
I looked at my muse who gave her signature sideways “oh boy what happened” smirk.

One week later as I stand in the jewelers searching for the ‘perfect’ symbol of my affection, the sales person approaches, “so, do you have an idea of what you’re looking for?”

I do not even look up from the case, “I need something big and expensive, but could make monthly payments on.”

The sales person laughs, “oh, is your lady difficult to shop for?”

“What? Oh, no. She is awesome. The ring is to make her dad happy!”

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