Writing 101, Day Sixteen: Serial Killer III


Sunglasses, wallets, keys, bus passes, license…and a pack of condoms? What? How does one lose a pack of condoms at the movie theatre. Wait, that is way kinky! I like how they think.
Dark room, adventurous chance of naughty exposure, and the smell of popcorn in the air. Sounds like a good time for sure.

Please don’t find me too weird, I must find a means to amuse my self as I stand for 8 hours selling tickets for movies. One of the best ways to pass such a slow day, is going through the lost-and-found bin.
It is amazingly fun to do so because we hosts enjoy making up stories regarding what is left behind. Most of the times the items are basic and the stories involved do not get too extravagant or interesting. However, sometimes like in the case of a pack of condoms, the stories get compelling and take on a life of their own.
I mean, seriously, how do you leave behind your shoe or car keys? Did you forget that you didn’t ride to the theatre Flintstone style? Did the movie-goer steal someone else’s shoe and car keys to compensate? Maybe the movie was so epic and thrilling it literally scared them right out of their sneakers. Or better yet, the person used the theatre as a “drop-off spot” for some covert mission involving the exchange of car keys, but they totally failed because the keys fell behind the wrong seat where they were to be picked up by the other spy. Not likely, but one never knows.

Whatever the reason, people enjoy their movie-going experience so much they leave behind all sorts of stuff. This truth is in the items we find.
Why have we found beer bottles for alcohol we don’t serve, or baby bottles half-full of similac, or grossed out diapers smelling of death, or wait, what the…are those a pair of pants? Ok now, that’s just ridiculous!

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