Writing 101, Day Seventeen: Your Personality On the Page


to acknowledge your fear so that you can work through it is therapuetic and necessary for a good life. ignoring it is bad for you and could lead to trouble, especially with your various relationships. fear is not a bad thing, it is good. accept what you are afraid of and work through those fears.
for example, to be afraid of losing someone you love is normal. ask yourself “why am i afraid?” ” what are the consequences of this fear?” ” how can I get over it?” “will I need help to do so?” think about all the reasons for this fear, and find the logical reasons for the fear, in order to work through them. this is the only healthy way to counter the fear and get over it. ask yourself ” what will happen to me if I lost this person I love?” do not run from it. do not hide from it. accept it as normal, welcome it as a part of your life. that is logical and healthy

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