Inspired Homage: Writing 101, Day Eighteen


the firefighter lifted the wooden beam right off my grandfather like it was nothing. his muscles must have been huge like the superhero hulk, because grandfather said the wooden beam held up the entire house. the guy did it alone while his partner carried me out. I did not hear him and it almost looked easy. it was so weird to see. I mean, I know that Captain America and the Flash don’t exist, but they could because heroes do exist. everyday firefighters and soldiers put their lives on the line for others. these people risk their lives for complete strangers who never get chance to say thank you. I am NOT dumb, I know that comic book heroes are technically a work of fiction, but just maybe, they are inspired by real people. that is what a hero is all about: inspiring greatness and compassion. superheroes do not wear capes or domino masks, they wear leather and helmets. they do not use the Batarangs or heat vision, they use axes and water hoses!

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