Progressive Writing Exercise #8: Making Everything Happen at Once


“Well I’ll be,” Lieutenant Wan gasps. Before of us all, just beyond the secured-zone, is a colony built within the asteroid belt. Not constructed atop the massive celetial boulders, but designed to be integrated within them.

Asteroids are linked by decompression tubes, and atmosphere domes break through here and there. “Lieutenant, no doubt about it,” Sergeant KT calls over the COM, “but the distress signal is coming from this colony.”

“And that flyer that wigged out definitely came this way,” one of the prison escort pilots adds. “I traced their exhaust to a hangar bay not too from our current location.”

“There is no colony on my schematics though,” another of the prison escorts states.

“More reason to investigate,” Lieutenant Wan replies.

“But sir, we must deliver the prisoner to Colony 9 Federation authorities,” I interrupt, to my surprise.

“Commander, as a fighter pilot escort, you are under my command no matter your rank. And my orders are that we are landing on that colony to investigate a federation distress signal.” Ah yes, Lieutenant Wan just reminded me of the reason that I hated him at the academy.

Before I could reply, Sergeant Mazon interjects, “sir, the insignia associated with the hangar bay door activation codes belong to the Zels.”

There is a long pause before Lieutenant Wan confirms his orders, “we’re investigating that signal. Mazon, open the hangar bay doors!”

I know that this is a bad idea, but I am in no authority to challenge Lieutenant Wan’s command. I push forward on the fighter’s yoke and accelerate to unknown disaster.

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