Progressive Alternative Writing Exercises: She Wants What She Wants When She Wants It.


what does Bergiere want? is it as simple as that, just asking? is the response simple even?
Bergiere wants peace, serenity, tranquility. he wants the impossible. so, what is plausible when concerning his desires? he wants to leave earth, the entire sol system as matter of fact, so that he may explore the universe with its many mysteries.

time and time again though battles, skirmishes, and enemy soldiers create a hazardrous boundary between desire and reality. if Bergiere believed in such things, he would claim that an entity known as Fate were interfering. war is keeping him from fulfilling a simple-enough achievable dream.

Bergiere has thought about galactic piracy to seek fulfillment of desire yet he is a pacifist at heart and could never plunder and murder out of hedonistic delight. he chose service with the Federation Military.
as a pilot with the Sol System Federation, he has taken multiple lives in his pursuit of space travel. Often he wonders if it were any different from piracy.

if he could go AWOL Bergiere would. however, his sense of accountability keeps Bergiere loyal to his pledge of service.
if the war could end he would leave the sol system and mankind behind forever.
Bergiere would find a world with snowy winters and cool summers. a world with warm waters that hold the most delicious crustaceans in all existence. Bergiere would find a cave to live in solitude and bliss. he would spend long days swimming and hiking, discovering new species of plant life and bacterium. he would find and enjoy nirvanna.

Bergiere will most likely go insane if the war never ends. he finds himself continually being emotionally displaced with his current situation. he has even lost account of entire days as the foolish war drags on. if he cannot escape the war and the sol system, Bergiere’s soul may break, and then who knows what dangers he would pose to the Federation, Earth, and mankind.

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