Progressive Alternative Writing Exercises: Toto, I Don’t Think We’re in Kansas Anymore…


who should relay the tale of Bergiere, the pacifist elite pilot? could the hero be trusted with accurate accounts of their exploits? what about the youth that idolizes him? or perhaps the woman who finds him unexplainably irresistible? maybe the best option would be the rookie pilot who has somehow never truly heard of him? i know, all the above!

why should the world know this particular tale? what is so important about this era in the history of Earth-man’s space travel? mankind has desired to travel the expanse of the heavens for eons, and when they finally do, they exploit and manipulate the nature that they encounter.
the discoveries mankind makes as they travel beyond the sol system will create both heroes and cowards. it will also reveal ancient evils and new gods. this story is only the beginning of a new era for the Earth-man.

heroism is truly relative, and what makes a hero is not always pleasant, moral, or sane. a person forced into impossible odds that they somehow overcome does not always mean they were benelovent or chivalrous or honorable. sometimes one must get grimy, vicious, and even selfish to become a hero. is survival heroic? and if so, where is the line drawn between hero and coward? between just and unacceptable?


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