Progressive Alternative Writing Exercises: Make Up An Adult Fairytale


Once upon a time…
there was a small town, hidden away from congested streets and busied lives, surrounded by the chilly woodland region of the north. The townsfolk had found mutual peace with the creatures of the woods in which they called home. It was serene, and they disliked outsiders.
One brisk autumn morning a shadowed figure strolled unto the main lane, conceiled within a dark trench coat, and beneath an ebony tophat vibrant hazel eyes shone. The young man casually walked pass perplexed onlookers. Quiet and confident he entered the hidden town. Unbeknownst to him, his stay in the town of Spidet Crossing would be unpleasant.

Once upon a time…
men and women lived together. They worked together. They even participated in recreation together. Cities and towns and villages were full of them, all mixed and diverse. Not so much today.
After the war men and women were forced to live out their days in prison encampments. Separated by sex to ensure that overbreeding and mixed breeding would not occur, civilization came to a screeching halt. Nowadays, one must be approved of by the Doctrine Assembly to mate and reproduce, then that person must travel vast distances to do so. Only the strongest and most resourceful of people can make the trip. Kylie Kwasniak was hoping to prove she was one of them.
She packed in her lead-lined cooling container a few fresh apples and oranges, three bottles of clean water, and some chilled turkey-meat. She loaded her bow case with two dozen double-pronged, steel arrows and sheathed her lazer cut ebony short blade. Kylie preferred the silent weapons over the sniper rifle she slunged over her back. Quick, quiet, and deadly meant wise survival. Though, distant killing did have some advantage.
Rubbing in a mild amount of sunscreen lotion, completing a sandwich she made the day before, and putting away a box of rifle ammunition meant Kylie was prepared. She would meet up with her assigned mate and help the human race survive. Or, she will die trying to.

Once upon a time…
the Great Hall of the Adams County Community Center would be full and lively. There would be multiple basketball games being played by future star athletes, dodgeball to separate the meek from the aggressive or compensating bully, and young teens seeking compassion but only finding lust and disappointment. Of course, there were a few that actually worked on homework assignments. However, after Pastor Mills passed away, the youth are unresponsive and lack both inspiration and will to do anything. The good old days are over.


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