Progressive Alternative Writing Exercises: Be a Busy-Body


lalalalala bar and grill; feed me!

Adorable elderly couples are always the last suspects when goverment espionage is in question.

“What I can’t stand is that once again beaurocrats supplied weapons and technology, as well as training, to a less-than-fortunate nation which now uses that assistance to attack us,” Sir Nose stated.
“Classic American arrogance and idiotic beaurocratic pride,” Mr Balding replied. “It’s the cold war all over again. Some country has what the senate wants, so they justify assistance without looking at the big picture. They only think about their…”
“Instant gratification is the problem,” Sir Nose interrupted.
Mr Balding pays no attention to the interruption, he knows that Sir Nose is passionate about the wars, skirmishes, and understory that few know in respect to each.
“Obama is trying to make it work but what can he really do?” Mr Balding continued.
“Nothing really. I mean, those guys over there own the oil fields and they could burn them up at anytime,” Sir Nose replied.
“Exactly!” Mr Balding confirmed with enthusiasm. “Obama won’t be able to solve anything if senate keep sending support to potential enemies. What will the…”
“No talk of work on our outing,” Lady Curls interrupted, as she placed a fried clam strip into her mouth. “Try these clam strips and enjoy fellas.”
Madame Whisper nodded her head in agreement.


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