Progressive Alternative Writing Exercises: Just the Facts, Ma’am


I don’t know what they look like, I didn’t even see them coming! I was just walking along on 3rd Street, going to my doctors appointment, when some jerk pushed me into the Kessling Financial bank door. When I looked up I saw my purse gone. And running down the street, I saw someone wearing green, um, maybe it was a sweater. Maybe five foot five or five foot seven. I just don’t know. They were fast. Too Fast. I need my purse, all of my medical papers were in there. My credit cards, my car keys, my grocery list, everything! Oh God, I never saw their face. My purse is a burgundy Coach bag worth $700. I need it back!

She is a super hot chick with long dark hair and hazel eyes, wearing a loose fitting dress or large sweater. She also had matching biker shirts on. She was in LumniCoin having a frappacino and talking on a mobile before she darted out the shop, sprinting down 3rd street. “We talked for a little bit about the local sports team while in line. That chick knew her stats.” She knocked some woman down, picked up their purse, and kept going down 3rd. She may have turned and went up Calhoun Boulevard, at the end of the block.

First Response Officer: Frankfors, Dudley
Badge: 134959921
Date: Tuesday May 19, 2019
Case File: D9-LJ713-T597
Victim Therese Rowens was enroute to the Dessi Pediatric Clinic when they were assaulted by an assailant attempting to steal a purse. The victim was unable to provide a description of the assailant stating that “it happened so fast” but was able to provide some details, which combined with eyewitnesses, to create generic profile.
Delta City Institute of the Arts undergrad Tavon Pierce claims that the suspect is a hazel-eyed brunette female, wearing a loose fitting teal (blue-green) dress or shirt, and matching biker shorts, that he met before the incident in the LumniCoins Coffee Stop on 3rd and Halsted Ave. Tavon claimed that after a brief conversation the assailant rushed outside and down the block, snatching the victim’s purse, as they ran. Tavon claimed to know nothing more.


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