Q’dyra: the Fairy Tree



I remember when I first saw it five days ago. I was naive ignorant and selfish then, so I would have never been able to descirbe the true majesty of it if asked. I would have utterly failed in the attempt to describe its wonder.
Humans, which fairies call X’yrtas, meaning the Great Darkness, believe that fairies are insect-like and live in the flowers of the jungles. They are not that, then again, they are, yet, they are so much more as well.
Fairies are not insect-like creatures of myth and magic. Not all of them atleast. Some look like the near-cousin of X’yrtas, yet their skin may be covered with fur or the color of the jungle. Some have spots while others have stripes. They do not all practice the arcane arts. There are alchemists that have discovered the means to fight cancer without making one ill, scribes whom wrote tales and poetry far richer and more enlightening than any I have ever read, scholars that have discovered naturally renewable energy, and artists that have designed machinations that could take a desireable heart of dreams to the rim of distant galaxies. And their language is like songs on the wind. These beautiful beings are naturally bound to the world itself and its powerful energy, its spirit if you will. Q’dyra is a monument to that unique bond that is lost to the X’yrtas.
Q’dyra is a place of learning and healing. It is a magnificent fauna: massive, protecting, and absolutely mesmerizing. Like a tower that the world-spirit created, not one engineered by faulty and chaotic hands and minds. It breaks through dirt, rising from the ground reaching into the expanse of the heavens like a god. The many variants of green and yellow that scatter across its foundation are intense and vibrant, almost glowing from an unknown light that burns from within. At the miniscule level of a fairy, I am witness to the very energy and spirit of the world. I am victim to its alluring shine that radiates from all around. I am simply in awe and wish to tell the world, but without becoming a Xyfrye, a being transformed into a fairy, no one would be able to truly comprehend what I have witnessed. It is a wondrous sad thing to know that X’yrtas may never know the bliss and peace that comes from being truly bound to the world-spirit.


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