Progressive Alternative Writing Exercises: What’s Your Narrator’s IQ?


dog dog, my doggie, you’re my buddy and i love you…

“Mom, you there? Did you hear me?” Lola Baggs sits on a cold wooden floor, arms wrapped around herself, as her landlord’s brothers remove her furniture and items. As she watched them haul her belongings out to the curb Lola began crying. The corruptibly impressionable youth at only twenty years of age could not believe that her life was unraveling so quickly.
“MOM! They landlord is evicting me!”
“Why darling?” her mother quietly asked, unsure if their daughter had done something justifying eviction.
“I was dogsitting for Verna and the landlord said no pets, but I told them it was only for three days.”
“Okay baby, you have time to board the dog then,” her mother tried to console her.
“No I don’t. The landlord said my lease clearly states no pets, and when I got home today most of my stuff was out front. The landlord’s brothers are removing my stuff now.”
“I don’t know what to say baby. I can send your dad to pick you up?”
“Okay, thank you. I’m gonna try and get as much stuff before the neighbors take it all.”
Lola sniffled and tried to not fall completely apart, “mom? I hate the city.”


“Davis, this fool here thinks I am going to allow their brothers to haul my belongings out to the curb,” Yana Kovich scoffed, as she explained the situation to her lawyer. “My lease says no pets, I know, but I am watching Kina’s Beagle for two days. So, my landlord tells me I need to vacaye immediately. The most ridiculous aspect of this all is that his brothers were already downstairs waiting to remove my belongings.”
“He must have the proper movers to confiscate the items,” her lawyer replied. “Not just anyone.”
“You’re missing the point Davis. The landlord told me this all today. I was never served an eviction notice.”
“Seems like the landlord is trying to make some money off your items and not be forced to return your deposit.”
“Exactly. I already called Brimm from the police Station. She is on her way over with a patrol unit.” Yana was proud of herself and the fact she was able to recognize an illegal scam. “Get this,” she continued, “the best part, I told them the police were on their way and his brothers left. Jerks!”


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