Progressive Alternative Writing Exercises: The Battle of the Sexes


“knowing your lover’s heart, desires, and dreams could lead to bliss as you help transform their fairytales into the stuff reality is made of”

He sits there, uncomfortable and fingers just-a-twiddling, wearing a purple, black, and gray plaid shirt. The khakis do not match. No one must have told him that you should wear your Sunday Best when wine-n-dining at L’Angre Restoriano.
His head has been recently shaved bald, and his face appears as smooth as a newborn’s bottom. He chuckles, hesitantly, as he tells a joke. Or is he reciting a story he overheard? Breaking the ice is an art form he is not even an apprentice to. It is apparent that he is nervous and not in his element. Must be a first date? Sweat drips off his forehead and he tries to be suave when wiping it away. But she notices; his date sees everything and lets out a long sigh.
Obviously she is bothered and bored, displeased with her choice for a Saturday night date out on the city. The guy seems gentle and genuine, soft spoken and intelligent though. Why the unhappiness and visual unpleasantness? But of course the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” comes to mind.
The guy says something, then asks a question, then his date stands up wearing an expression of absolute disdain. She walks out before the appetizer is served. The guy looks around to verify no one saw what just happened. He puts his hands up to his ears and shakes his head. Another failed date? Maybe a blessing in disguise, his date seemed unjustly high maintenanced.


A tattered t-shirt with an awkward logo, black jeans, and flip-flops is not appropriate attire for any restaurant of value and proper ettiquette. Yet, this young man sits in L’Angre Restoriano wearing just that. And, he has the nerve of boisterously laughing as if he wants all the patrons, hosts, and waitstaff to join in on the joke he finds so amusing. How could his date sit there and endure his obnoxious behavior and insulting appearance? Could she really have such low self esteem? Or worse, does she enjoy that kind of thing? Either way, his very presence is annoying.
He digs into HER appetizer, unannounced, as if enjoying finger foods while watching some sporting event. His hair is unkept and the smell of his body lingers in all directions. The maitr’d should properly and promptly expel the rude hooligan that has no wisdom or ettiquette when it comes to dates with proper women.


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