Progressive Alternative Writing Exercises: Mad, Sad, Lonely, Tired


“it is time for you to get a watch”

Damn taxi services in Edge City have always been horrible; ever since I was a kid. They never arrive on time and then have the audacity to flip out if the riders complain. On top of that, they are corrupt, deceitful, and greedy. Makes a great combo for customer service. So, I should’ve known better than to tell the jerk to kiss off when he told me it was gonna be an extra fifteen dollars because of traffic. Now I’m hoofing it down Broadway, wearing a spring jacket that can’t keep the frosty wind from biting at my body. My nipples ’bout ready to shred glass. Ridiculous!
“Do you have the time,” some jerks stops me.
“Really?” The guy just looks at me, awkwardly. Creepy dude at that.”Naw man. Do it look like I have a watch?”


Kai held her head low as she headed toward the subway. Her feet shuffled, never really lifting off the ground. She had to be careful in order to not fall over. Her backpack hung to the left, dragging across the cement. Finals had her completely drained but they were over now and it was time to go home.
Just before she turned the corner to head down to the platform, something blocked her. She heard a sound but could not make it out.”Huh,” she responded.
“Do you have the time?” an awkward man asked. Kai thought the guy had dark skin but was not sure. The man seemed to be in a constant blur, who shifted side to side constantly. Kai asked what he had wanted and the guy asked again, “do you have the time?”
“I dunno,” Kai replied. “Something after four. That’s when I took my last final.”
Kai looked off into the distance at a sun that was almost completely obscured by the horizon. Hell! What time was it?


Sasha has always been sympathetic to the animal kingdom and their battle against mankind. He often valued a non-sentient animal’s life over that of humans. For Sasha all the animal kingdom deserved respect, compassion, and reverence. Today those ideals had been pushed to their limit recently.
An hour ago Sasha had to confirm with the vet that his dog was ill and could not be helped. He had to say goodbye to his buddy of eleven years, his best friend, his dog-son. That had been an hour ago. Now, Sasha was walking back home.
He refused to get into his car as tears refused to stop pouring from his eyes. Sasha did not want to chance an accident due to uncontrollable sobbing. He looked horrendous with his lips staying turned upside down, his shirt soaked in prespiration, and him constantly stumbling as he got closer to the bus station. It was as if he could not concentrate on walking. A normal 10 minute walk tool him nearly an hour to complete.
As he entered the bus depot he was stopped by a tall man wearing an old suit in the color of the deepest blue Sasha had ever seen. For a moment too long he stared at the man who asked about the current time. “Time?” Sasha scoffed. “It means nothing. It no longer matters.”


You are wearing the brightest neon green shirt you could have ever bought from a nightmare, which has the most awkward and over elaborate design on it. Your pants are a vibarnt yellow and the shoes are brilliant orange. Of course you are not a clown. You only hope the ridiculous and mesmerizing outfit would ignite communication. It has been too long for you since you had a truly worthwhile conversation with anyone.
As you walk down King Street, a fairly decent corporate avenue filled with shops, offices, and apartment building you receive multiple surprised and shocked gazes, even receive a few scoffs. No one says anything directly to you. In fact, not even indirect conversation occurs. Only nonverbals. Your idea does not seem to be working.
You walk down the street intentionally bumping into bystanders but they say nothing. They merely step to the side and keep on traveling. It is as if folks are intentionally ignoring you. You could be a ghost or invisible. Tears begin forming in your eyes and your heart starts racing. Your chest expands and contracts too quickly. Why is your plan failing so miserably?
As you shake your head in disbelief, tears welling up, a kind, tall man with a brown bowler hat on asks you the time. You are unable to contain your excitement, nearly jumping into the man’s arms, “why yes, yes of course I know the time.”
You pull out your mobile and confirm the time. “Where are you going,” you ask. “I have nothing better to do, so um, can I tag along?”
The splendid gentleman smiles wide, looks you over a moment, and replies with slight enthusiasm, “of course child, of course. All are welcome to visit the House of Shadows!”


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