Progressive Alternative Writing Exercises: Your Silence Speaks Volumes


“I promise you that I didn’t know you were there,” Jyra said, holding his arms out to his side, as if preparing for a hug.
Fiona rolled her eyes, twisted her head slightly skyward, and scoffed.
“No, honest,” Jyra protested. “I would have never left if I knew you were there,” Jyra continued. “It was a total mess out there. I thought you had found shelter.
Fiona folded her arms over one another and turned her back to Jyra. She made a strange grunting sound and tossed her hair back, as if to say ‘get away’ which Jyra picked up on right away.
“What? Really? You, you think I’m lying! And, you don’t even want me to explain. That is not fair.”
Jyra was good at pushing emotional buttons, especially Fiona’s. It was a gift really, and it was always through a sympathetic tone his voice carried like a song. Fiona spun around, her hair whipping about like a circus’ animal wrangler’s tool of control. Her brow arched downward and her nostrils flared.
“Yes, I should be able to explain,” Jyra responded. Fiona raised one eyebrow and allowed a crooked grin to bloom on her face. She popped out her hip, letting her left hand rest there. Jyra was surprised that Fiona was going to allow him a chance to defend himself. He had to make it good.
Clearing his throat, “um, so,” he began.
He scratched his head and avoided direct eye contact with Fiona. Gulping in stress Jyra said the first thing that came to his mind, “what we talking about again?”
Fiona slapped the taste right out of Jyra’s mouth, lterally; Jyra was unable to taste the blood that leaked from his now split lip. “Okay, so I get it, you’re angry.” Fiona darted him a wiery wild look. Jyra felt his sphincter retreat to his chest. “Furious,” he said, “and enraged. I should leave you be if I value breath. I gotcha!”


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