Obscure Rapport


for my muse, my sweets, my truest love: Rianna Bailey

From my naïve-driven days of youth
To my present confusion in wandering,
You had been present though like a fading shadow.

I have known your gentle endearing face
Brief conversation from quiet voice
Passing of cordial smiles in crowded halls,

And imprinted on memory is a picture
–An image of you dancing that warms.

I have known you
Yet the present exposes harsh reality,
I have not.

So little was revealed during those years of old,
But great the knowledge I now possess
As we set upon the pillars of compassion
Undeniable roots of our fated connection.

Out of a past of pleasantries and casual encounter
Our paths have intertwined, our hearts have linked,
Determination of your seeking heart
Crushing obstacle that is my foolish mind.

Our budding romance shines like Vega,
Kin clearly feeling the heat of our adoration.

My guarded resolve was blinded in confusion,
But soul accepting embrace of kindred change
I dawdle forward into the light of blessing,

Questioning words laced with honey
That effortlessly slips through soft lips
I suspected venom and malicious intent,

Obviously caution of repeated pain
Fueled my harsh reluctance,
Hesitantly I take this step into a new frontier.

Holding you as you hold me Together I cherish our adventure.

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