Whimsical Devotion


To the edge I strode smiling immense, the fool Glanced the expanse with no fear, heart doomed Considered unknown with aspiration, ever hopeful

Not once questioned denial of trance, lessons unlearned Entrapped in euphoria of splendid bliss, heart reawakens Together in the jump we were, sole believed

Jovial spirit returned from dismal, illusion consumed Their fear of pained would-be, steady patience Halt progress for divine guide, reason spoken

They longed for moment passed, pushing present Held to desires historic, friendship tread Eager pursue of memory endearing, descend alone

Lost amongst creeping seclusion, hindsight vivid Dangling emotions confusing, warning foretold Held tightly some frozen moments, memories enriched

Their voice sweetening my days, softly killing Forced tongue to silence heart, empty lingers Afloat surviving this breaking, forward moving

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