Grandma, Beloved Matriarch


the wind has the most bitter bite this night,

I walk my Blair and mind ceases,

my face stings as dried tears fade

while memories of holiday joy linger

and pain rises, my chest cries for relief,

a pressure building that my mind fails to make sense.

her smile washes over thought and daydream

recalling her sweet and tender voice as she disciplines.

cards flop on the table and spunk sounds

her lips part and sass emerges, laughter echoes,

family gathering over game and chatter, festive times.

tonight, there is a chill, undoubtedly

mother nature has lost a dear friend,

so she responds in kind;

the world spirit weeps and freezes the ground

venting as such a kindred soul transcends.

and that sneaker express grandma cherished so

well, it has been retired for slippers of whispering soul.

NO! never that, it shall be eternal and forevermore

I will walk in remembrance, praying to have that strength

that ole’ time power which is lost on youth,

my legs press on keeping me moved to light.

I will dwell NOT on well wishing and aches,

but engulf myself in the whimsical and jest,

of the aere that is my father’s mother.

* * *

how do I miss someone that lives within me?

her eyes look back from the mirror i gaze into.

how does one lose sight of love when she shone with it?

I am that star fueled by her feisty rambunctiousness.

where does it all go when she leaves?

it goes nowhere for she is NOT gone,

it all remains within me, and those near her heart

for love and that energy she radiated

is ethereal and infinite.

mi abuela and I on the last winter visit.

mi abuela and I on the last winter visit.

for you grandma Bobby McDonald…I will miss you dearly but keep you in my heart always


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