A Solitary Request, an Opportunity Eternally Missed


she asked but one thing of me
and I failed to honor my affirmation in due time;
a simple manipulation of images yet all excuses and foolish distractions restrained achievement.
the coined phrase “better late than never” was birthed from a procrastinator who wanted to justify laid back sloth nature,
an attitude that dripped from the serpent’s venomous tongue
and echoed from malevolent broken heart.
victim of delayed demeanor results in failure of gesture,
a missed opportunity of love’s display that will never be truly realized,
so I pray for the next life any and all displays of compassion no matter how insignificant,
will be realized in its entirety and without even the slightest of hesitation.
this chance of endearing action forever lost to sands of time,
a moment stolen, taken for granted, with tears to seal its absence.
but never again I vow,
for she had asked but of one thing from me.

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