Crane Indiana


Wind swirls and frost nips at grass blades
Sun peaks in on the horizon refusing to warm the world;
Anxiety excitement and punctuality makes for poor morning companions.
Tension and frustration rere their fearless, animated aurora
We bicker in the slightest, knowing our sugars need attention
Some tender loving care from fast-food will suffice bodily demand.

Oh that grease and junk weighs heavy yet so tasty
Call me Jupiter with an irritated gestation organic mechanism
And know I will survive travel by grace of dream.
Her frown turns to jest and smile and content when mother radiates her self
Persona mimic I finally understand demeanor and origin.

Rubber to pavement it swarms over me, mocking
Like vultures with natural urges, nausea and sleep stalks
Dreamworld beacons and cranes flutter in mind
I close my eyes and my pen drops, inkless.

With sustinence realized twisted lip fading
And rubber to tar her disposition morphed,
Like a flipped coin, the yin to the yang,
From frustration to smile, from displeased to content
We are bound for winged inspiration in breadth of season.

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