Illusions and Love and Old Frenemies


(excerpt from novel)

It has been two years since she passed from this life. Fond memories and the few pictures I have keep her well enough alive though. Tears stopped falling as I replayed those memories quite a few months back. Almost a full year now I guess. For the most part, for the last two years I would keep my mind occupied whenever she would find a place in my thoughts. I did not ignore the fact she was gone, I distracted my self with other tasks or passing thoughts. I worked through it. I know a quack or professional would say that it was me ignoring the fact that a loved one had died, rather than confronting the issue head-on. For me, an emotional type fella, death is not logical or common or just how things are. Death is a thief of joy and bonding, an executioner of what most take for granted before realizing it. I never ignored it. I lived on and did what would help me keep from falling apart.

I had tried to save her; steal from the master thief what was rightfully theirs. I had almost achieved the denial of what was right and destined. I almost helped her cheat death. Oh boy would that have made her upset. But that was the type of woman my grandmother was. She also believed in doing what is right because it is right, not for any reward. To rip her from what was the right time to die would mean my backside might’ve been whacked. Not sure why that makes me smile.

But yes, I kept living and doing what would have made her proud of me. True life! I am in fact, a bonified super hero. Well, a vigilante because I refused to enlist with GDL or DSONE. I mean, I really don’t need some bureaucratic pen-pushing nerd telling me how to help folks. I have done just fine by myself these last two years: helping third world nations eat, pulling homeless dudes from fires, and even visit Azoria to help a friend find a cure for their blighted world in order to repair the natural balance. Azoria is known as Mars on Earth for those that don’t watch the international news channels. I mean, to rescue those in need, I don’t need some jack-off giving me orders, I have a heart to do that for me.

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