at age 83 in the year 2067 on my date of birth, life will take an unexpected turn…

maybe extraterestrials will invade the earth,
maybe it will be the scarlet toned conquerors i write about,
known as the dynasty.

hopefully i discover my cosmic lineage,
so i take to the stars with family in tow,
seek out new and strange worlds to explore,
traveres unknown constellation clusters,
and meet the wildest most diverse life forms existence offers.

or perhaps atlantis will finally reveal its truth,
and in doing so, open negotiations with world governments
so that all know the better treatment of oceanic wildlife and fauna.

or may it be that on the day that recognizes my birth so many decades before
i take my last breathe, say my final word, smile at my lovely wife for one more time,
maybe i transcend to the next level of existence.

or that day simply wont exist after a star sizzles away the waters of the world,
burning the landscape to ash.

yes, that day so many years from now awaits me…destiny be damned and fates denied,
i earnestly seek its fulfillment

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