Spore (computer video game fan fiction)


A Story of Evolving Beginnings

For an immeasurable amount of time a frozen mass of stone and mineral hurtled throughout the cobalt existence, carrying an unknown destiny, for the concept of time had yet to be established. The known universe was young though the multiple concepts of youth, age, elder, and ancient were also not yet developed. Not even death or life had their rooted footholds witin existence. It was an era of chaos, random interaction between substances, and grandiose coincidence of cosmic reactions.

There were no mortal minds to question or care if it was all catalytic spontaneous happenings or a sentient force herding the incidents into purpose and cosmic fate. There was no witness that any could verify or doubt. It only matters as importance for all spawned from that First Occurence, this birthing of life from Eternal Light and Ethereal Mist.

From nothing comes something: this could very well be a rule of natural order or alchemic principle of randomness or hymn of zealot religion in a time not yet realized, a future that could not be conceivable.

This massive stone that swam through the cosmos with a past which is so very new and immemorable yet essential for the potential it carried was pulled by the unseen energy that swells within yellow-orange fiery stars. Gravity, another concept and ideal without a spoken title, is what chaos is all about. Gravity and consequence and cosmic purpose all work together as an energy to define choas which will bear order. The stone was pulled cosmically close to the star than jettisoned away, arching toward a new-formed planet which began to assert its galactic dominance.

The stone with no will or means to combat gravity crashed through a thick atmosphere of poison gas and magmanic excretions, igniting to an intense red and falling to an unknown fate. Colliding with unforgiving soil it erupted into a glorious and divine sapphire explosion. Chunks of the cosmic boulder scattered, some landing in relentless lava vanishing into a smoky black ash while others found tranquil acceptance within a cool, thick liquid the color of rust. Falling away from the shards of rock the tiniest forms found freedom within the liquid. Instantly, their volatile existence began.

Consume or be consumed: the first creed of life; there was no other question. No other design. Survival! Each passing moment consisted of absorbing whatever unluckily fell in the path of which the forms swam. Simple and discouraging. On occassion, these simple forms would bump into another similar form and something miraculous happened: the result of another form, similar to the two which had made physical contact. Of course, they were unaware that is was wonderfully miraculous. Again, survival, no more than that.

So much time passed that the rusty liquid cleared to a yellowish hue, and the world cooled to a satisfying warm. No longer did erupting volcanoes cause impromptu exoduses to unknown territory. However, the environment had become crowded and sustinence was quickly becoming scarce. Aggression and volatile swiftness became common for the once microscopic and thoughtless tiny forms which now had sprouted the basic organs for sight, navigation, and mild defense. In a rare instance though, one of the budding life forms had actually began to express a form of self realization and extinctive intellect. It had known that its survival was threatened by circumstance and so these forms sought to mate in order to chance an overwhelming uprising against predators.

These rare forms knew that they had to avoid their enemies so their haste when near them was a planned action rather than involuntary response. Their minds began throbbing with fear, anxiety, and self preservation, all of which were unfamiliar concepts with no proper term as of yet. Survival! For an untold span of time they grew in physical gurth, strength, and multitude. Their shape changed and organic defenses increased in potentcy on multiple levels in various uncalculable stages. Always a life-form with the organic mechanics to devour opposition, these thinking self-aware forms actively sought out their carnivorous competition, allowing the prey to reproduce in an exponential rate.

After a millenia of securing their place at the top of the food chain their insatiable appetite for dominance and flesh began to wear on their colony, an emerging concept allowing for communication via slight vibrations of the environment and oily secretions carry a pungent odor and data on millions of atoms. Again, none of these had an attached title or recognition beyond its use in each moment; forgotten almost immediately once data was sent and received and acknowledged.

Something would need to change and quickly or they would cease to exist, a concept unpleasant to the self-aware.

A great deal of time passed and just as all hope and delicious morsels seemed nonexistent, fate reered its dramatically punctual influence. The life-forms’ shape had changed once again. Where flagella once wiggled, only to be replaced by fast responding fins, now long and awkward bendable tubes were growing. Even their shape as a whole had drastically changed. The life-forms had gradually taken notice of how their shape had been semi-amorphous, though the word was not conceived, with defensive apendages. Now however, massive bulks of flesh and organs with specific purposes and functionality glided through crystal clear waters, as they consumed their world. Bulking shapes that were weary for feeding and minds strained as they indulged their superior status in waters void of life. The warm liquid they had called home for so long was not only void of sustinence, it was outright uninviting. While, on the otherhand, a bright light coming from above seemed to be pulling the life forms to what would someday be called the surface of a great body of water. Maybe the word ocean, or sea, would be too easy, but it would be its title and all would know it.

Over the next several dozen generations, the brave and the famished would venture to the surface with a desire to know what was beyond. With a toll of deaths numbering in the hundreds of thousands, if not greater by millions, the self-aware life-form would breach their watery prison and frighteningly , and cautiously, make their way upon dry soil rich with vegetation and small, yet countless, tasty morsels.

The strange tubes pulled and repelled the soil for navigation. The first generations had to get use to dry-air, and deny a fatal longing to return to what was once known and safe. There was a sense of adventure and future and food that had overwhelmed these creatures. Somewhat slightly, their self-aware nature became evident over a few more generations of physical and incalculable mental change. Small groups of three or five gathered in small nests, never venturing too far from home. They only went as far as needed to find a next meal. They had made it from an ooze which changed into a great ocean, and now would traverse the dry-soil. Life was limitless and opportunity eternal. Survived!

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