Spore (computer video game fan fiction)


A History of Domination and Extinction Part A

It has been hundreds of generations since the first insectoid breached the watery surface and took in a deep breath of air without the influence of the oceans. There was a different environment that they had to endure, a variety of hardships and adventures. And there was a delectable smorgasboard that had went untapped for a millenia. If they could smile they undoubtedely would. This new world seemed to provide endless opportunity for thriving and expanding. The once small and aggressive life-form would now have a means to truly test their mettle.

Dozens of insectoid nests quickly populated a small island in the western hemisphere of the new world. True, there was no real organization to how an insectoid selected their nest-mates. It was simple action and response: if an insectoid found favor or intrigue with the chemical smell released by another they joined together. That was instinct.

For an unknown amount of time the insectoid grew and changed as a species. The tubes that propelled them out of water and unto dry land grew protection in the form of an armored outer layer. These useful constructs had multiplied as well, leaving the insectoid with two pairs of tubes that had the creature scurrying about an island in search of food and shelter. The insectoid also grew powerful mandibles designed to tear the toughest meat, to grind and shred the thickest of hides. The rest of the insectoid body was covered with a dark brown-red armor similar to that which had protected the legs. It would seem that nature had designed a perfect carnivore.

For the earlier generations nest members enjoyed impromptu hunts throughout the jungles of the world, thick with a toxic atmosphere. Their numbers incrased rapidly due to many mating seasons and a lack of enemies and predators. The insectoid quickly claimed title of apex predator and no other living creature dared challenege their vicious authority. However, the expanison of the insectoid came with a heavy price.

With excessive mating and overly aggressive hunting parties the insectoid began to have difficulty with locating sustinance. If they were not collectively pushing a species into extinction, they were creating territories void of beasts that desired to challenge their authority. Soon, the island in the western hemisphere began to appear empty of life forms save the insectoid. Nests battled one another for claim on hunting grounds but that proved pointless. The insectoid was in danger of becoming extinct itself. Again, the search for sustinance would hurl the insectoid into an evolving future of unknowns.

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