J Lo Do It Well remix


Well of course I do

Cuz when it comes to you

Bae I can never fail

So here the thing is

Whenever you on mind

I’m superman hey do all I can

Make sure you feel good

Got all you need

So bring the heat hell break my bank

Don’t you know gurl

Whenever you near

I’m damn strong not going down

I’m your genie gurl

Rub me and three wishes granted

Better yet truthfully

Lifetime all dreams reaching

When it comes to me and you

Damn, I will do it well

That’s straight truth

J Lo Verse


Had me hooked with how you move

Dance floor can’t handle that heat

On the real honey this how its gonna go

You and me need that sensual privacy

Whole hotel locked down none vacancy

Full bar room service got that cash flow

Got you mesmerized with my flow

Courtin’ mackin’ lovin’ best you ever had

Caught off guard got yo’ head spinnin’

With all I do hell yeah not stoppin’

We free fallin’ no fearin’ love makin’

U so fine lady throwin’ me off track

Game playin’ gurl for you alone, that’s truth


Star grasping

Me and you

You and me

I do this for you

Simple as that (lady)

Baby I do well

Only for you

My life motto


Dance Break Verse

Chrous 4x


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