Human Is


the mortal takes so much for granted as its society is controlled by unliving grinding gears and computing systems.

so much has been made far simpler that life in itself should never be overwhelming;
daily toil has been overwritten by formulated script;
we now are a species indebted to data input and results awaiting

so why must we struggle? why do we complain of absent free time?
with so many aspects of living automatically scheduled and achieved in advance, how is there no chronal lapse to practice free will?

is it that too much of our genuine presence is beyond the reach of our direct control? could it be the fact that our existence has been reduced to analyzing empirical data? or may it be that we no longer are challenged?

mankind has spent such an extensive amount of time creating machinations to remove hardship, that they have formed a digital prison we scarcely recognizes exist and yet undoubtedly accept as master

the mortal does not live; we strive for the inescapable simplicity of existing
humans do not enjoy the wondrous pleasures of the moment,
nor do they embrace chances of serenity or indulge in an instance of zen

the human mind constantly and regrettably lingers on the daily mundane,
dwells on forfieted opportunity or losing gamble of seizing the inplausible,
and wanders with fanciful dream

we miss the blissful encounters;
forgetting universally divine purpose which decays the heart,
we wretch our actions and thought on the facade of priority

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