Session One: Follow the Lead Advanced


Advanced: The purpose of this assignment is to break down your existing novel in order to see how strong the foundation really is. Try answering the following questions using your own novel as the text and see if there’s any point where connections aren’t being made. If your story is built on the LOCK system, then your answers should give us a good idea of what your book is about. If, on the other hand, you find any of these impossible to answer (and some will be difficult to answer, forcing you to think about your work in a different way), consider why this might be. After you’ve answered all questions, write 1-2 paragraphs on where you think any weaknesses in plot might be in LOCK and what you might do to strengthen these using the suggestions from the chapter and discussion.

My Lead is a ___Pacifist Gunner Pilot___ (description of character, like Vengeful Sea Captain)

His internal conflict is ___desiring to travel the cosmos but not wanting to kill to do so (contradicting life path)___ (such as obsessiveness, recklessness, displaying poor judgment)

His external conflict is ___solar system at war___ (such as white whale, raging sea, mutinous crew)

How the internal and external conflicts work together or illuminate one another is

___there is a sense throughout the system that all must fight to ensure survival of their particular caste, or risk being imprisoned for treason___

(such as, his obsession puts his boat and crew in confrontation with white whale; his need for revenge is as dangerous as the whale)

His Objective is ___ leave Earth and the Inner System___

His Confrontation is/comes when ___ he is recruited by the Sol Federation Navy___

The tone of the book should be ___ dualistic and combative, straining belief versus inevitable action, and emotionally polar-extreme___

The ending will be a Knockout when ___ Bergiere accepts, and fully embraces, what he is good at___

Don’t forget to write your 1-2 paragraphs thinking about your answers and how your novel fits the requirements of the LOCK system.

                Is it really believable that pacifists will be treated as enemies of the caste and thrown into prison? Must create a definitive militaristic government in which all citizens are soldiers; look at Israel government system for inspiration. Will it be required to explain why Earth turned into a global militant government? And if one side is pure military, what type of caste would oppose, and actually be considered a threat? What is the opposite of strict, logical, command and obedience? A Free Will caste would be what; religious, spiritual, artistic, whimsical, magical?

                What would life be like if a citizen did not fight? How would they benefit society? Show how non-combatants are really not looked at as members that provide to the greater good (ex. even a farmer provides to the war effort, as their crops are specifically transported to battle fleets for nourishment; ALL produce and raw materials on Earth are being linked to military).

                What is the true reason for the caste dichotomy? Religion? Economic? Race/Ethnicity? How much do I have to explore the different castes? How many will there be? For Bergiere, ethnicity is unknown; in fact, for much of the world (in theory) there is no racial class. There is no “pure” bloods or ethnicities. Bergiere is a light-brown-skinned male with curly, red hair. His eyes are hazel-blue. Lineage based upon race or ethnicity is not that important. Lineage based upon military or religion is the dividing course. This needs more work; this has been the biggest hang-up. I don’t want to do what has been done.

                Will readers think this is a story about nature vs nurture? Genetics vs Training? Desire vs responsibility? Inevitable human nature versus façade of Free Will? This is a story of one man’s struggle with their personal moral beliefs and the world they were thrust in because of their innate genius level ability. This is a story about how one man will do something horrendous and against what they feel because of an overwhelming desire.

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