For 400 years this Troll-Dragon, from the Orot Nexium Realm, was forced to do the despicable bidding of a nefarious sorceress from the Shadow Realm. After centuries of torment MuShez was able to free himself from enslavement, but at a great cost: he was unable to return home.
Seeking masters of the arcane arts within several realms, MuShez hopes to find a portal home, as well as, a means to exact his vengeance upon the corrupted Shadow-Daimon that had seized him so long ago.

(character/story concept: Centauri Adams
software for character design/art: arc games & champions online)

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As a living, sentient gem of divine Will & Power, Qynoz defends the barrier that separates the mortal realm from the Afterlife.

On occasion Qynoz has had to reluctantly ally with mortals when the very fabric of existence has been threatened.

(character/story concept: Centauri Adams
software for character design/art: ArcGames & Champions Online)

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Hard Gospel





Following the domestic terrorist attack on his congregation which left his chapel in ashes and thirteen of his flock dead, former Baptist pastor, Clarence Lemmones, has decided that vengeance is not the Lord’s.
Taking to the streets and first recruiting the gangs that plagued his neighborhood, as Hard Gospel, Clarence has obtained enough armaments and fellow soldiers to wage his personal war on violent racism and militarized bigots.

(character/story concept: Centauri Adams
software for character design/art: arc games & champions online)

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Free Mind Verse


take it down a notch & let the words come to you, do not seek them.

let your mind free, allow your thoughts to linger nowhere & imagination explore all-where

do not hesitate or ponder too long on any one facet of anything,
release your self to enable your psyche to absorb anything passing by.

worry not on technique & plot & structure or definitive,
let your mind free and allow the ink to flow unrestrained,
let go of what you know & see what eons of knowledge & wisdom pours from your essence.

allow the creative juices of mortal spill into the ether of what is unknown & eternal,
seize the opportunity to delve into the darkness which is unlimited potential & scare up universal knowing

stir the proverbial kettle of existence & creation,
force the unseen to the surface & learn what it can teach about all.

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My heart breaks a little more, each time you speak doubt and whisper fear of unknown.

Cast aside worry and embrace the adventure that is to join two lives, seek the challenge of companionship with me, yearn for it with zealous and frightening love.

Do not wish for perfection, for to desire the implausible is to court disaster; it is to welcome the endings into our combined life.

Cherish the variety we bring to our merging lives, do not shy from the differences that built our character, for it shall continue to fuel our lasting bond.

What was once two unique beings will become an impenetrable fortress of passion and family; the struggle is not drawn out or wearisome but invenegrating and worthwhile.

Be with me and I will be with you…together we could forge forward and meet all opposition; hand-in-hand we shall each provide the balance for the other in order to accomplish our purpose of being truly whole.

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Spore (computer video game fan fiction)


A History of Extinction and Domination Part B

As the insectoid species grew weary and desperate for food, with a cannabalistic nature inevitable of forming, one nest began to display signs of greater and deeper thought. Something apart from instinct had come over one of the nests, which will be referred to as Nest Prime for simplistics sake.

An actual leader took charge and demanded that the nest members obey their command. There was hesitation at first; none of the hedonistic insectoids had ever needed to listen to a commanding nuisance before; they all did what they desired as long as it had not endangered the nest. Well, truthfully, sometimes risks with safety and life were taken due to overwhelming desire. Nevertheless, one of the insectoids in Nest Prime displayed their strength of intellect by migrating to another insectoid nest and killing the queen-mother. This leader uprooted themself and left their diminished nest, traveled for days, and sought out others of its on creed, only to slaughter the insectoid which provided offspring. It had seemed that fresh and inexperienced intellect favored oblivion over the self preservation of reactive instinct. Wisdom is found in hindsight however.

More mouths to feed was not the option that would guarantee survival. The Nest Prime leader, an insectoid with an intellect and plan, realized and understood this. The only logical result: the leader had forced two nests to become one. A larger pack with fewer offspring meant that the insectoid would not need to provide all nourishment to growing young. Change was not complete however, it had only just begun.

With the Nest Prime leader calling the shots, life for the insectoid began to take a drastic turn for what had appeared to be for the worst. The insectoid determination and prowess and strength tripled, as the leader forced the removal of the weaklings within their nest. Instead of abrupt assassination though, the Nest Prime leader would assign the weaklings the grand honor of destroying the massive predators of their territory. Almost always it would end with the leader returning alone after the attack failed. It left the insectoid with the reputation of relentless aggression lacking fear of death. The other creatures of the island began to fear the foolish insectoid that seemed to enjoy throwing their nestmates to destruction.

The insectoid leader had also not allowed any to challenge their authority, swiftly responding to the slightest of opposition with fatal determination and vigilance. Nothing could hinder their soon-to-be pilgrimage. Times were changing fast and the fiery red insectoid needed to be well prepared; soon, so very soon, the world would make another change and the insectoid had to maintain their claim as apex predator.

Beyonce Haunted remix verse


the 9 to 5 to stay alive

this 9 to 5 i just arrived

that 9 to 5 yes i survived

that 9 to 5 to stay alive

this 9 to 5 i just arrived

the 9 to 5 yes i survived

the day to day

the week to week

that check to check

the daily grind

now see my face

i stay afloat

my head above

that poverty line

gotta tread

my legs work

in the biz

that ladder i climb

my wings spread

on cloud nine

ain’t worrying ’bout

the bottom line

i’m soaring through

that skyline

my very own

fly G5

live and dream

never try

take a breath

lose my mind

stackin’ up

take care of mine

you haters know

i don’t mind

gon’ ahead

speak yo’ mind

fuel my fire

lose control

speak the words

truth you know

vision blurred

this be real

StarMan preach

how you feel

leave you dazed

a ghost in mind

this here time

you know is mine

this 9 to 5 i just arrived

the 9 to 5 yes i survived

that 9 to 5 to stay alive

that 9 to 5 yes i survived

that 9 to 5 to stay alive

the 9 to 5 to stay alive

the 9 to 5 yes i survived

the 9 to 5 to stay alive

this 9 to 5 i just arrived

this 9 to 5 i will survive

this 9 to 5 to stay alive

J Lo Do It Well remix


Well of course I do

Cuz when it comes to you

Bae I can never fail

So here the thing is

Whenever you on mind

I’m superman hey do all I can

Make sure you feel good

Got all you need

So bring the heat hell break my bank

Don’t you know gurl

Whenever you near

I’m damn strong not going down

I’m your genie gurl

Rub me and three wishes granted

Better yet truthfully

Lifetime all dreams reaching

When it comes to me and you

Damn, I will do it well

That’s straight truth

J Lo Verse


Had me hooked with how you move

Dance floor can’t handle that heat

On the real honey this how its gonna go

You and me need that sensual privacy

Whole hotel locked down none vacancy

Full bar room service got that cash flow

Got you mesmerized with my flow

Courtin’ mackin’ lovin’ best you ever had

Caught off guard got yo’ head spinnin’

With all I do hell yeah not stoppin’

We free fallin’ no fearin’ love makin’

U so fine lady throwin’ me off track

Game playin’ gurl for you alone, that’s truth


Star grasping

Me and you

You and me

I do this for you

Simple as that (lady)

Baby I do well

Only for you

My life motto


Dance Break Verse

Chrous 4x